About Musang Valley Plantation

Our Land

Strategically located at Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Durian map

Strategic agricultural land located
at Gua Musang, Kelantan

2,710 Acres
50,000 Musang King
Durian Trees
20M KG Fruits
per Year
RM600M Revenue
per Year

Plentiful of Water

Man made lakes and strategically located water tanks with kilometres of piping to each durian tree, ensuring enough water supply to produce the highest quality of fruits.

Ideal Geographical Location

Our land has the ideal geographical conditions for durian plantation - sloping topography, soils with pH between 5 to 6.5, tropical climate with constant rainfall, adequate sunlight and temperature between 20 to 35 celsius.

Ready Grown Crops

The durian trees are already matured and ready to bear fruits. We also have various other crops growing satisfactorily and have undergone harvesting.

About Musang Valley Plantation

Strategic Location

Our land is strategic located with abundance of Nutrients in soil.

Large Plantation

We had planted 76,600 Musang King durian trees within 2,710 acres of land, with expected harvest coming soon in 2022.

Strategic Partners

We have strategic partners from all kinds of industry to make it more successful.