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Musang Valley Plantation

Musang Valley Plantation

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Company Background

Musang Valley Plantation (MVP) is a leading integrated plantation company with a vision to build and bring in a new, modern urban system to revitalize the business.

By building a green, modernized urban system, we aim to give back to the local community by increasing their employment opportunities and quality of life - by engaging them in the business operations of modern agriculture and the agri-food sector.

Musang Valley Plantation

What We Do

With the support of the Malaysian government, MVP is working with the local and indigenous people to create a model of the future of agro-ecological farming on over 2,000 acres of soil in Gua Musang. They have combined the best aspects from the research of geography, tools of technology, and comprehensive insight of the industry - to present an ideal environment for quality, advanced plantation.

MVP contributes to the regional and global economy alongside 10 countries from ASEAN and China, through a wealth of deep, profound knowledge in agricultural technology and its resources.

About Musang Valley Plantation

Our Values

Integrity and Transparency Entrepreneurship and Innovation Teamwork and Success

Our Mission

To provide consumers with safe and high-quality produce and food with the integration of quality resources.

To accelerate our brand and business growth by harnessing the power of data and digitalization.


Our Vision

To become Asia's largest supply chain plantation company while continuously advancing our business growth as a global enterprise with strong roots in the ASEAN region.

Our values