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Fruit Import/Export Business —Musang King

Durian is known as “The King of Fruits”. The fruit is known for its thorn covering, large size, unique taste and distinctive aroma. The term Durian emerged from the fruit's distinctive thorn covering and comes from the Malay word Duri which means thorn.

Musang King is small in size, usually weighing around 2.5kg. The shell of the fruit is mostly green. There is a distinctive "five-pointed star" mark on the bottom of the fruit, which is unique only to the Durian King. There are other rare Durian Kings that may have a "six-pointed star" or maybe even no patterns at all.

About Musang Valley Plantation

MVP's 3 Business Strategies

Supply Chain
Business Process

Following the concept of "sow seeds of success for the next generation to enjoy - starting with planting", MVP has established a whole supply chain business model: from a variety of selection and breeding, plantation management, sorting and processing, to cold chain logistics and online marketing, to produce and deliver safe and high-quality products for consumers.


MVP aims to reach into quality plantation production areas worldwide, starting from ASEAN countries, to continuously provide consumers with fresh agricultural products and high-quality food all year round, while introducing advanced technologies and management models into overseas agriculture and food fields, committed to making MVP a leading brand in the modern agriculture industry in Malaysia.

Full Traceability

MVP has established a full traceability system from the start of the journey to the point of export sales, with quality standards, operational specifications, a quality control system with requirements and responsibilities at every step of the way, and detailed records of the whole process to ensure product quality and safety.

Musang Valley Plantation

Agriculture Methods

Water & Soil Assessment
Water & Soil Assessment

To simulate the quality & quantity of surface and ground water and predict the environmental impact of land use

Efficient Fertilisation Method
Efficient Fertilisation Method

Manual fertilisation to ensure every tree receives sufficient nutrients

Water Supply
Water Supply

Our lake is located higher ground so that water will be able to flow to designated direction

Fencing and Netting
Fencing and Netting

Strategically installed fencing and netting to minimise the loss of harvest

Comprehensive Irrigation System
Comprehensive Irrigation System

Automated irrigation system to ensure every tree is well watered

Efficient Agriculture Methods

Musan Valley Plantation utilises highly efficient cultivation techniques and management methods, form seed selection to spaling plantation, and then to nurturing the durian trees. This rigorous process is carried out in order to ensure the growth of the trees, as well as bountiful yields.

Key Development

2021 —
2022 —
2023 —
2024 —
2025 —
2026 —
2027 —
2028 —
2029 —

Phase 1| 2021


– Water Management Control
– Field inspection and free health control
– Fertilizer application quality control
– Pest Control


– Preparing Control
– Fruits census & yield projection control

Phase 1

Phase 2| 2022


– Quality collected
– Drop damage


– Packing into vacuum preservation bag
– Freeze durian for export


– Keep in warehouse storage

Phase 1

Phase 3| 2022 - ∞


– To ensure our Musang King Durian is distributed in the right channel such as hypermarket, supermarket and also through online distribution channel


– Trading and export

Phase 1

Full Traceability

Immature Stage
Mature Stage